A knockout ended the brutal spectacle between Lucas Achterberg and Jimmy Livinus


Lucas Achterberg and Jimmy Livinus proved to be two true gladiator because they gave us one of the best kickboxing fight we ever witnessed at SENSHI 19.

The two didn’t keep any secrets and they started high from the first bell. The crowed loved it. But at that point no one knew what was coming later.

In the second round we saw Achterberg felling on the ground two times and just when things seamed finished he pulled one from the bag and returned the two knockdowns.

The culmination came at the final round when the German was inches close to the victory. He dropped Livinus two more times but one high kick to the chin started another comeback. The Dutch fighter quickly got to a second and a third in order to finish what he started 6 minutes earlier.

These are the kind of fights that we all love to see.

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