ADCC European, Middle-Eastern & African Trials 2021 Full Results And Review

There’s about a year left before the next ADCC World Championships – and the first official trials just took place!

The ADCC European, Middle Eastern, and African trials were held on September 18, in Poznan (Poland).

The event showcased a number of elite No Gi grapplers from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Here is who the winners were in their respective divisions, and how their matches went down.

-66kg Ashley Williams

-77kg Oliver Taza

-88kg Eoghan O’Flanagan

-99kg Perttu Tepponen

+99kg Heikki Jussila

Women’s Results

-60kg Peyton Letcher

+60kg Magdalena Loska

History of Karate

Karate (空手) (/kəˈrɑːti/; Japanese pronunciation: [kaɾate] (About this soundlisten); Okinawan pronunciation: [kaɽati]) is a martial

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