Adolfo Barao: I will defeat Bozhilov, SENSHI is the next K-1

Portuguese fighter Adolfo Barao insists on having a rematch with Atanas Bozhilov in the ring of SENSHI. They met at SENSHI 5 and Bozhilov won via unanimous decision and captured the WAKO PRO K-1 title in the 71.8 kg. division.

In a special interview for Boec.COM Barao said that he came into the fight with an injury:

“I had an injury on my right shoulder. The doctor said I shouldn`t fight, but I really wanted to. I was hit on the same shoulder and I had to change my tactics. I couldn`t show my A-game till the end of the fight”

“The pain really put me down mentally. After the fight I talked with Bozhiloc and told him I want a rematch. I didn`t show what I`m capable of. He agreed to it, but the bout never happened. My question is “When are we going to fight?”

“I haven`t stopped training. I know that our next fight will be different. I `am a 100% ready”


The student of SC “Sporting” has studied the game of Bozhilov in depth.

“He`s a great athlete. His strategy is to press and shut down his opponent`s game. I see weaknesses in his game and this time I will be able to place harder shots. I will push the pace. He doesn`t handle pressure well. It will be a whole different fight”

“The SENSHI fight nights are great and the competition is getting higher and higher. I think SENSHI is the next K-1”

“Bulgarian competitors are hungry for success. They don`t give up easily, but neither do Portuguese. I have already fought three Bulgarians. One of them beat me and now I want my rematch. Let`s do it!”

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