Ahmed Ismail Mohamed: I always try to stay in the center of the mat

Egyptian Ahmed Ismail Mohamed became the winner of the African Sambo Championship. He had no equal in the weight category up to 71 kg in Сombat SAMBO. Here is what he said in an interview for the FIAS website.

– I had an incredible desire to win, which probably helped me.

But only desire is not enough, you cannot do without technology…

– In preparation for the competition, I specially trained to get out of holds, I paid a lot of attention to this aspect. I knew that sambists master this technique brilliantly.

Did you have any special tactics for the final fight?

– Of course, for each fight I have my own strategy, my own plan. But in all fights I always try to stay in the center of the mat, it helps me to better control the fight.


What is your basic sport?

– Before SAMBO, I was engaged in kickboxing and sanda.

Why have you made your choice in favor of SAMBO now?

– I am a two-time champion of Egypt in Sanda, I like this sport. It has a lot in common with SAMBO, that is why SAMBO suits me so well.

Is your choice of SAMBO related to FIAS obtaining full recognition from the International Olympic Committee?

– I made my choice in favor of SAMBO because this sport is close to me. There was no calculation in my choice.

How do you celebrate your victory?

– Usually the main desire is to quit the diet and finally have a tasty meal (laughs).

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