Aleksandar Kukolj: The camps in Bulgaria are good for my career

Aleksandar Kukolj from Serbia claimed a silver medal at the World Championships 2021 in Budapest U100kg. He made a boot camp in Bulgarian resort Kamchia, where he came back in the preparation for the Olympic games.

Most success he had in U90kg, where he became European Senior champion in 2017 in Warsaw.

“I was at Kamchia for the first time 2 months ago. It was my preparation for the World Championship, where I managed to get silver medal”, Kukolj said in interview for

“The experience was excellent, this is the main reason why I came back here. Everything was perfect, the facilities were great.”

“For Tokyo first I had to reset mentally and physically. Now I’m organized, refreshed in the most important part of my preparation. I feel healthy, I have great team around me, and I am going for the highest award – of course always the main objective is the first place”.

“My coach is the brain of the whole process, we are together since 2020, and the results came. About Bulgarian judoka – when you train in judo you have to get sparing partners, this is contact sport. When I go somewhere to train I’m way more focused”.

“Here in Bulgaria I had great sessions with Ivaylo, Yanislav, Georgiev, there are many guys who help me with the preparation”, Kukolj said.

“I have been at Belmeken at least 10 times, it is not only Olympic complex, which is located 2000 m above the sea level. I was there 10 times for 20 days which is total 6 months”.

“I like Bulgaria, the guys here are amazing, it is good for my career and I’ll continue to do that.”

“The mentality is a bit similar like Serbia, we are neighbors, and everything is completely fine here. I know what to expect, it suits me well.”

“I thank God I made good results real quick. After only 6-7 months in the new category, I still don’t know all the guys well. Still there is no point on talking about opponents. For me the most important thing is to concentrate on my game”, pointed out Aleksandar Kukolj.

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