Alexander Ivanov: I know Stoykov’s weaknesses

Alexander Ivanov will make his SENSHI debut on February 26 in Varna (Bulgaria) at the 11th elite gala evening. He will compete in the co-main bout for the championship belt in the weight category up to 70 kg.

His opponent will be a local star, the reigning champion of the organization Bulgarian Petar Stoykov.

Alexander Ivanov spoke for “Sport Yakutia” about some details:

– I was offered a contract for three fights in the SENSHI organization. They said I fit their criteria. And the first fight will immediately become a title fight. The opponent will be the world and European champion in Thai boxing, SENSHI champion Petar Stoykov.

– It turns out that the opponent is a clear favourite, and you are a contender?    

– On paper, yes, maybe he’s the favourite. But I will try to prove otherwise. I have watched his fights on YouTube. He has his strengths, advantages, there are mistakes, cons too.

– Where and how do you prepare for the fight?

– I am preparing at the Peek-A-Boo sports club, here in Yakutsk. We’ve put together a team and we’re getting ready. The fight is set for February 26th.

– Tell us a little about yourself, your sporting achievements?

– I am 31 years old, originally from the suburban village of Kangalassy. I have trained kickboxing, Thai boxing, performed in K1. I am a WKF champion, a participant in international tournaments in China, Thailand in Muay Thai. I have a champion belt at the Banglo Boxing Stadium in Phuket. But to be honest, there is a small downtime, I haven’t competed in the ring for two years. The last time I fought was in China. Let’s see how my return goes.


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– Good luck to you!

 Thank you. Also taking this opportunity, I want to express my gratitude to my team, coach Nursultan Khalykbaev, the guys of the Yakutia kickboxing team for their help in preparation. Of course, many thanks to Afanasy Alekseev (Japanese) for organizing my training camp, the guys from “Us tumsuu”, and my beloved wife Kamila, son Vladislav and the whole Ivanov family. As they say, it’s up to me.

According to the rules of the SENSHI professional league, punches to the head are added to the traditional Kyokushin strikes. Fights are held in a 3×3 format (three rounds of three minutes each) with a minute break between rounds.

Fights are held with a belt with the appropriate style qualification tied over dogi, and without shoes. Athletes wear gloves, depending on the weight category, the ounces of gloves changes.

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