Alexey Lebedev led African sambo referees a special seminar

For two days, July 14-15, African experts, led by an international category referee Alexey Lebedev, studied the intricacies of work at international competitions. Various aspects of refereeing were analyzed: from the requirements for the SAMBO uniform for the participants of the championship, to the peculiarities of fights at Combat SAMBO competitions.


“It is important to note the desire with which all the participants of the seminar reacted to this training. Each of them tried to absorb as much information as possible and record everything in their notes, as well as record it on video. We started the analysis of a new topic with general information, and thanks to constant questions and modeling situations from representatives of different countries, we reached the smallest subtleties of referees work,” Alexey Lebedev said.


After the theoretical and practical parts of the training, the participants had to pass an exam, based on the results of which a decision would be made on the possibility of their work at the next competitions.


“We tried to include questions of various levels of complexity and different focus in the tickets. Thus, we will be able to comprehensively assess the training of African referees and understand the level of their preparedness for the continental championship. And already during the championship, the specialists who have been trained at the seminar will demonstrate how ready they are to apply their knowledge in practice,” said Sergey Tabakov, Executive Director of the International SAMBO Federation.


The African SAMBO Championships will be held in the capital of Cameroon, the city of Yaounde. Competitions in Sport and Combat SAMBO will be held on July 16-17, the Beach SAMBO championship is scheduled for July 18.

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