Amir Khan: Kell can’t take a proper shot

Amir Khan and Kell Brook are gonna settle their feud once adn for all this upcoming weekend.

The two former world champions will fight in Manchester this Saturday night, even though such a bout had to take place no less than 5 years ago.

Khan and Brook, both 35, are on the downhill of their stellar careers and whoever manages to get the W, will surely be remember as the better fighter.

Through the years Khan has been ridiculed endless times for his vulnerable chin and his lack of toughness, but now he believes Brook will be the one who will struggle with the power shots.

“I think that’s the one advantage he’s got on me, he thinks,” Khan told BBC’s 5 Live Boxing. “But to be honest with you, I really believe that Kell can’t take a shot. I think his chin is really bad.

“Look I’ve seen him be hurt bad with a jab. I’ve seen him put down his last couple of fights and hurt real badly.”

Khan was referring to the jab that Terence Crawford landed on Brook, in Brook’s last fight in November of 2020 in Las Vegas, that had Brook tottering on his feet, leading the referee to stop the bout in the fourth round of the 12-round welterweight title bout.

“Obviously, them eye sockets, the problem he’s had in previous fights having both eye sockets fractured,” Brook said. “One was against Golovkin, the other one was against Spence.

“I mean look, he’s in a position where he can get hurt real badly.”

“At the end of day, in boxing, if you’re gonna get hit with a shot you’re gonna go down,” Khan said. “Obviously I’ve gone up and down weight divisions, fought big guys like Canelo. You’re gonna get hit. If you get hit by a bigger guy you’re gonna get knocked out.”

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