Anderson Silva admits Jake Paul was better than him

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has admitted that Jake Paul was the better man last night when the two shared the boxing ring.

Paul, the famous You Tube star, claimed its six win, when he beat “The Spider” via UD in the main event of the fight night in Arizona, US.

“Jake was better than me today,” Silva told reporters at the post-fight news conference.“I tried to put on my strategy…I don’t find my distance, and I failed in my strategy, and Jake better than me. That’s it.”

Heading into the fight, Silva controversially admitted that he got knocked out twice in sparring sessions. And though “The Spider” was confident about his strategy against Paul, he admitted that even a “superhero” like him also fail sometimes.

“I talked to my coach like, ‘I don’t believe it. I trained so hard not to be in the same stupid position,’” he confessed. “But I’m human. I’m superhero, but sometimes my half human fail. I know I lost. I know I failed in my whole strategy, and my opponent win.”

“I’m not the same as the other guys that fight with Jake, like, ‘Oh, I need revenge. I need rematch.’ Let’s see what happens. Maybe. I don’t know,” he concluded.

It’s the only second time Silva was beaten inside the ring. The first time took place decades ago when he lost to his compatriot Osmar Luiz Teixeira in 1998. In 2005, “The Spider” bounced back and copped his first win as pro boxer when he knocked out Julio Cesar De Jesus.

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