Anderson Silva knocks out Tito Ortiz in 81 seconds

Anderson Silva made quick work of Tito Ortiz in tonight’s Triller Fight Club boxing match, knocking Ortiz out in the first round.

Silva (3-1, 2 KO in boxing) and Ortiz (0-1 in boxing) are both MMA legends, but this boxing matchup always strongly favored Silva, and he didn’t waste time in there, dropping and stopping Ortiz in 81 seconds.

The fight, scheduled for eight rounds, had two-minute rounds even though it was officially sanctioned in Florida.

“The grand master Bruce Lee says, ‘Be water, my friend,’ that’s what I did today,” Silva said. “I’ll go back home and continue training, and we’ll see.”

Silva did kind of hint that this might have been his last fight, saying “probably” when asked if this was the last we’d seen of him, but that could also just be a mix-up in translation, as he speaks English but it’s not his first language.

Ortiz was hurt initially on a right hook to the jaw, which pretty much put him out leaning against the ropes, and then Silva came in with a left from behidn, which hit the ear, and Ortiz was down and out. My guess is this was definitely the last we see of Tito Ortiz in boxing.

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