Andrei Kazusyonok won the Cup of the Union State of Russia and Belarus

Belarusian athlete Andrei Kazusyonok won the “Cup of the Union State of Russia and Belarus” SAMBO tournament that took place on Sunday at the “Sirius Arena” in Sochi, Russia

Athletes from 13 countries – Armenia, Bulgaria, Spain, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, the Republic of Belarus, Russia, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan – took part in the competitions held in the absolute weight category.

Kazusyonok received $4000. Moreover, the organizers introduced special $1000 awards for the best technique and the will to win.

The Open Cup of the Union State of Russia and Belarus was staged for the third time.

The competition results:

1. Kazusyonok Andrei (BLR)

2. Osipenko Artem (RUS)

3. Gajich Vladimir (SRB)

4. Mikhailin Vyacheslav (RUS)

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