Antalya Grand Slam Top 5 Ippons (VIDEO)

The IJF Antalya Grand Slam took place in the first days of April, being the third Grand Slam event of the year so far.

One of the finest judokas from all over the world touched down in Turkey with one goal on their minds – getting a solid start for the qualification process of Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

525 athletes from 63 countries participated in the event. The International Judo Federation has put a Top 5 Ippons that happened at the event.

5. Sila Ersin (Turkey), -48 kg, 7th place (W)

4. Dilshodbek Baratov (Uzbekistan), -60 kg, 3rd place

3. Reka Pupp (Hungary), -52 kg, 1st place (W)

2. Abdul Malik Umayev (Belgium), -81 kg, 3rd place

1. Christa Deguchi (Canada), -57 kg, 5th place



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