Anthony Joshua saved boxing from Francis Ngannou’s dream with a KO for the ages

Image: DAZN

Anthony Joshua (28:3) was a man on a mission in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and wanted to prove a point in the fight against Francis Ngannou (0:2). He did just that by knocking him out in just under two rounds.

AJ wen for the kill early by landing some power shots and got to a first round knockdown. The Predator managed to recover but after that on the ring there was only one man and that was the two times world champion. The exclamation point came second after the second knockdown with a shot for the ages putting Ngannou out cold.

Joshua didn’t even celebrate after the victory and that made Tyson Fury, who was ring side, so nervous that he couldn’t hide his fear from the camera. It was The Gipsy King who nearly lost his perfect record against the former UFC heavyweight champion a few months back. Now people are wondering – will he keep avoiding Anthony or after the Oleksandr Usyk fight he will challenge his native rival?

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