Atanas Bozhilov won his 19th fight at SENSHI


Atanas Bozhilov is one step away from making history and become the first kickboxer at SENSHI who has 20 professional victories. He won his 19th at SENSHI 21 against his old foe Adrian Madalin.

The Bulgarian showed us his best side in rounds one and two. He mixed it up all around and showed perfect tactical discipline so that there will be no doubt who will be victorious at the end.

Madalin and his team acknowledged that and the Romanian went all in in the final act. He started landing heavy shots but Nakata had the experience to break his combinations and land some one-twos on his own.

Atanas Bozhilov got to an unanimous decision and now the only thing left for him is to make it a 20 and possibly win the world title.


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