Azerbaijan’s Balabay Aghayev secures gold at the Baku Grand Slam

The -60kg final was a different contest altogether, with the home favourite Balabay AGHAYEV (AZE) and Dilshot KHALMATOV (UKR) going all in for almost seven minutes. It really was a terrific back and forth with Khalmatov looking like he could take the win in ne waza but it was kata guruma and the tremendous support of his countrymen in the stands that brought him his second grand slam gold.

It wasn’t an easy route for either to the final, but Aghayev was forced to take on team mate and eventual bronze medallist, Karamat HUSEYNOV in the -60kg semi final.

Telma MONTEIRO (POR) continues to prove that her abilities outweigh the opinions that she is on her way out. The 36 year-old Olympic and world medallist boasts numerous continental titles and IJF tour medals and there is simply no stopping her. Since the Olympic Games in Tokyo, this is her second grand slam final, today facing the 2019 world champion, Christa DEGUCHI (CAN). The -57kg final was a great match up but in the end, three shidos for Monteiro gave Deguchi the gold.

Despite the efforts of Mulorajab KHALIFAEV (TJK) he was issued two penalties early in the contest and was unable to keep up the attack against double world bronze medallist, Denis VIERU (MDA). In the end, a third was ceded by the athlete of Tajikistan, awarding Vieru the gold medal in the -66kg category.

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