Bernard Hopkins: Canelo can move up to cruiserweight

Former two-weight world champion Bernard Hopkins believes that the current pound-for-pound king Canelo Alvarez should challenge himself with a cruiserweight fight.

The Mexican superstar has won world titles in 4 different categories, light heavyweight being the highest he has gone. Back in 2019 Alvarez defeated WBO light heavyweight champ Sergey Kovalev via KO in the 11th round.


Despite dominating the Russian, Alvarez admitted that he’s not a fan of the extra weight he has to carry for a 12 round fight and he won’t be competing there again.

“The light heavyweight division, I think he sweeps that,” said Hopkins.

“He can already compete up to cruiserweight. He’s willing to put the work in. He’s willing to go through anything that has to go through to be great. And I think that he’s in a position of the mentality of a fighter and just want to do great things from here on out.”

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