BJJ Stars 7 full card

The BJJ Stars 7 event is taking place this Saturday in Brasil add it’s going to be a big one.

The Brazilian organisation returns after a short hiatus, but the upcoming tournament is packed from top to bottom. Former UFC welterweight challenger Gilbert Burns will be facing Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa in the main event of the night.

A total of 10 matches are scheduled to take place on November 6 and here they are:

  • Gilbert Burns vs. Lucas Barbosa
  • Augusto Mendes vs. Bruno Frazatto
  • Leo Vieira vs. Cleber Luciano
  • Luis Marques vs. Josh Hinger
  • Gutemberg Pereira vs. Marcus Scooby
  • Matheus Spirandeli vs. Rafael Dutra
  • AJ Agazarm vs. Celso Venicius
  • Fabio Romao vs. Roberto Tozi
  • Meyram Magquine vs. Tiago Barros
  • Sabatha Lais vs. Rebecca De Albuquerque

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