BJJ Stars 8 results: Mica Galvao taps Lucas ‘Hulk’ Barbosa to win grand prix

BJJ Stars 8 took place on Saturday, April 30, and featured an eight-man gi grand prix in addition to a number of world-class ADCC-rules matches. The grand prix saw teenage black belt phenom Mica Galvao put on arguably the best performance of his young career, defeating Leandro Lo, Mauricio Oliveira, and Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa to capture the BJJ Stars middleweight title.

Galvao’s opening-round match against Lo was one of the most anticipated of the event, and did not disappoint. Galvao worked exclusively from his back, and a near armbar earned him the only advantage of the match and the win, as he was able to stave off Lo’s knee-cut guard passing attempts for minutes on end. In the semifinals, Galvao defeated Oliveira about midway through the match after Oliveira (who was up on points) was forced to tap out due to a knee injury.

Galvao’s final against Barbosa was a thriller. After about nine-and-a-half minutes of high-paced takedown attempts on the feet, Barbosa committed to a shot which Galvao countered. In mere seconds Galvao was on Barbosa’s back, sinking in the match-ending bow-and-arrow choke.

And in no-gi action, long-time UFC veteran Damien Maia returned for his first grappling match in over a decade. Maia looked comfortable in a submission win (triangle choke) over fellow UFC veteran Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira.

Elsewhere on the card, recent ADCC Trials winner Fabricio Andrey picked up a decision win over a cagey Alex Sodre. Andrey showed moments of why he’s one of the most exciting competitors in the 66 kg ADCC division, but Sodre’s defensive guard made for a somewhat uneventful match.

Also of note, GF Team’s Gutemberg Pereira made quick work of top-ranked IBJJF gi competitor Fellipe Andrew. Pereira latched onto a standing guillotine in the opening seconds of the match and followed it down to the mat where he collected a quick tap. Pereira submitted each of his opponents at the ADCC South American Trials, and his strong showing here against one of the best in the world bodes well for Pereira’s chances at the ADCC World Championships this September.

Full BJJ Stars 8 results:
Gi Grand Prix:


Lucas Barbosa def. Roberto Jimenez via points (2-0)
Mica Galvao def. Leandro Lo via advantage (1-0)
Leonardo Lara def. Wallisson Oliveira via points (5-2)
Mauricio Oliveira def. Pedro Machado via decision

Lucas Barbosa def. Leonardo Lara via submission (armbar)
Mica Galvao def. Mauricio Oliveira via injury

Mica Galvao def. Lucas Barbosa via submission (bow and arrow choke)
ADCC-rules matches

Demian Maia def. Alex Oliveira via submission (triangle choke)
Felipe Pena def. Henrique Ceconi via penalties (2-0)
Gutemberg Pereira def. Fellipe Andrew via submission (guillotine choke)
Fabricio Andrey def. Alex Sodre via decision
Bea Mesaquita def. Julia Boscher via submission (armbar)
Marcos Petcho def. Lucas Protasio via submission (guillotine choke)
Mariana Rolszt def. Thais Loureiro via submission (armbar)

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