Blachowicz was ‘blind’ in one eye for first round of Aleksandar Rakic fight

Jan Blachowicz had to navigate the first round of his fight with Aleksandar Rakic with a serious handicap.

Although Blachowicz won the UFC Vegas 54 main event this past Saturday by third-round TKO when Rakic succumbed to a knee injury, he had to deal with an injury of his own when a punch from Rakic damaged his left eye early in the bout.

Blachowicz, who’s holding steady at No. 4 at 205 pounds in MMA Fighting’s Global Rankings, revealed on The MMA Hour that until the opening round was done, he had difficulty seeing out of that eye.

“That was one of the first punches in the first round,” Blachowicz said on Wednesday. [It bothered me] very much. I don’t see nothing. The first round, I was blind in [my left eye] because blood was everywhere in my eye, so I just kept [wiping] the blood from the eye. In second round, I was just afraid that he would destroy a little bit more. But I was focused and ready for everything.”

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