Bob Arum believes Tyson will KO Wilder faster than the last time

It seems that the landscape at the top of the heavyweight division is now clear – Tyson Fury won’t be facing his fellow countryman Anthony Joshua for the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world.

Instead “The Gypsy King” is moving closer and closer to a third fight with the former WBC champion Deontay Wilder. The American was absent from the big picture for the last year and so, but “The Bronze Bomber” won his civil case and an arbitration court has awarded him with a chance to redeem himself.

Image: БТА

The trilogy fight will likely take place on July 24 in Las Vegas where the first two fights were held. Top Rank’s Bob Arum said that he expects the contracts to be signed by the end of next week.

Purses are split 60-40 in Fury’s favor for this bout.

“One fight goes bye-bye for a while and another fight is taking its place”, Arum stated.

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose,” Arum says in the interview. Still, he indicates genuine surprise at how things have turned out. “I couldn’t conceive of any way you can lose that case,” he says. “I still can’t.” Now Arum is making it clear that he’s moving forward to have Fury face Wilder for the third time. “Nothing will convince me that the decision is correct,” he says of the arbitration, “but it’s a decision made by a competent judge/arbiter. As people who believe in the law, we will honor that decision.”

“I think Tyson knocks him out quicker this time than he did last time,” Arum says of the upcoming third match between the two.

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