Boec’s Desislava Djermanska and SENSHI’s Nikolay Yorgov will host the annual “Golden belt” awards

Desislava Djermanska, the host of the only TV show in Bulgaria dedicated to martial arts and combat sports and editor in chief of Boec.BG will host the 4th annual “Golden belt” awards this upcoming Sunday night (December 19).

She will be accompanied by non other than one of the biggest SENSHI stars and notable Bulgarian fighters Nikolay Yorgov.

For the fourth consecutive year, the National Combat Sports Association of Bulgaria (NABS) – the only combat sports association accredited by the Ministry of Sports in Bulgaria, will hold its major annual Golden Belt Awards 2021. They will take place on December 19 at 7.30 pm Bulgarian time.

A total of five major Golden belt awards will be given: Best male athlete, Best female athlete, Best coach, Finest victory, and a Golden belt for respect to combat sports and martial arts’ traditions.

Every single one of the 12 federations that are part of the Bulgarian National Association of Combat Sports will also have the chance to award their best fighters.

Bulgaria’s number 1 website for martial arts and combat sports – Boec.BG will also honor the most deserving professional fighter for the last 12 months with a special award.

Djermanska is well known among sports journalist in Bulgaria. She’s one of the most experience TV personalities in the country for some time now. She’s the lady in charge behind all the backstage footage you see from SENSHI fight nights.

Yorgov, on the other hand, will be making his TV debut. He’s a multiple national kyokushin champion of Bulgaria, an All-Japan kyokushin winner, silver medalist from European and World KWU championships. He owns several notable SENSHI wins.

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