Camp Varna Day 2: Mastering technique and finishing blow

The morning training session of the second day of the KWU International Professional League’s camp in Varna (March 19-21) was focused on the finishing.

This is the third edition of the master class in 2021, as the previous one in February was with international participation.

The camp with the legends Peter Aerts and Semmy Schilt is held in the Palace of Culture and Sports and will last until Sunday.

The participants were again divided into two groups. The four-time K-1 champion Schilt worked with the instructors and sweated them with a long and quality warm-up. He made it even more difficult for them with an exercise – a shadow fight with a partner.

In this way, each Kyokushin master had to keep the required distance with his partner without contact. The task turned out to be a serious test for part of the group.

The three-time champion of K-1 Aerts worked with the professional fighters. With each passing exercise the requirements for them increased. The Dutchman paid special attention to a seemingly small but important detail.

“Always watch your opponent’s eyes. This contact is with colossal importance. Watch the eyes, don’t take your eyes off them!”, Aerts advised.

Both groups went on the bags, with the final blow in focus.

Fighters’ techniques were mastered at the session, and the last shot had to be with 100% power.

“Fight hard and have fun,” Schilt said at the end of the morning workout. The legend thanked everyone for the good work and is happy that the participants are having fun during the training sessions.

The third camp of the KWU International Professional League continues with another training session this Saturday – from 17:00. Strong sparrings and a lot of action are expected.

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Photos: Studio “Lesemann”

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