Canelo Alvarez exchanges heated words with Demetrius Andrade during post-fight press conference

Following Canelo Alvarez’s knockout victory over Billy Joe Saunders on Saturday night, things got a little spicy at the post-fight presser. Middleweight titleholder Demetrius Andrade was in attendance and actually was pretty respectful in congratulating Canelo on his win before asking when they might fight — something which Canelo completely dismissed by indicating Andrade is beneath him.

“So when can we get something going on?” Andrade asked Canelo.

“Oh man” Canelo sighed dismissively.

“Congratulations today, though. Good job. I’m a big fan” Andrade continued.

“I know, I know that” Canelo responded sarcastically.

Then when Andrade asked again about a potential fight Canelo made his position very clear in his best English.

“Man, you fight with nobody. Hey, you are a champion and you fight with nobody, man. You won that belt with nobody. Get the fuck outta here, man. Please, get the fuck outta here. This my night.”

After telling Andrade and his father to ‘get the fuck outta here’ a couple more times things started getting heated as the pair felt disrespected by Canelo’s tone and choice of words.

“Yo don’t talk to me like that, bruh” Andrade would respond.

“Aye, get the fuck outta here because I’m gonna fuck you up right now motherfucker!” Canelo said.

At this point Andrade’s father had to be restrained while Andrade himself asked Canelo to watch the way he speaks to them.

“Hey, you are a horrible fighter. You never gonna get that fight, man. You are a horrible fighter, horrible fighter…you will pay later, I know that,” Canelo continued.

You can catch the full exchange between the fighters in the video above thanks to our friends at Fight Hub TV.

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