Canelo Alvarez: I can take jab away from Dmitry Bivol

Canelo Alvarez made his grand arrival today ahead of this weekend’s light heavyweight title fight against Dmitry Bivol.

During festivities Canelo chatted with boxing media members and said he’s confident he knows how to deal with Dmirty Bivol’s style despite it being a tall task, and suggests it’s a possibility he remains at 175 lbs to collect more belts should he win this one.

“I feel really good,” Canelo said during today’s grand arrival. “I feel strong, I feel ready, so everything is on. So just waiting for Saturday night.

“This is gonna be a little different (from the Billy Joe Saunders fight) because I’m gonna move up in weight. Dmitry Bivol is a really good boxer so I don’t know (if and when I stop him) but we’ll see.

“(Bivol is similar to Golovkin and Kovalev)…I have a lot of experience so I’ve fought a lot of styles so that makes me a really good fighter, right. Yeah, (I will take the jab away from Bivol), I know how.

“Bivol is a fighter that I believe is more prepared, smarter than Kovalev…similar style, uses the jab, it’s hard to get inside.”

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