Charles Oliveira confident he will submit Dustin Poirier at UFC 269

Charles Oliveira expects to hear ‘And Still’ on December 11 at UFC 269.

Oliveira is expected to defend his lightweight title for the first time when he battles Dustin Poirier. According to Oliveira, he has not signed a contract but he is preparing to fight in December.

“Everybody is publishing that Poirier is going to fight with me,” Oliveira said to Sherdog. “But until that moment, it’s still under negotiation, I didn’t sign any contract yet.”

Despite the fact, he has not signed the contract, Charles Oliveira is well aware that he will likely fight in December. Yet, he doesn’t know if it will be against Poirier or whoever, but he is prepared to fight in December.

“Today I’m not worried about who said bad things about me, or who I’m gonna fight against,” Oliveira said. “My main concern is be ready to face any challenger [the] UFC chooses, and that’s what I’m gonna be in December, against Poirier or any other.”

If it ends up being Dustin Poirier, Oliveira knows “The Diamond” is very well-rounded and a tough test. Yet, he knows he is growing every day as a fight and is confident in his skill set that he can beat any lightweight.

“Poirier is one of the most dangerous guys of the lightweight division,” Oliveira admitted. “[He] always walks forward, but I think I’m at a different level, both in striking and also in the ground.”

As for how he defeats Poirier, Oliveira is confident he will finish The Diamond. He knows his grappling will be the difference-maker, however, he also has confidence in his standup. He’s coming off a TKO win over Michael Chandler and showed off his power, which he says he will also use here.

“I would submit Poirier,” Oliveira concluded about the how the fight will go.

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