Charles Oliveira not mad at Poirier for going after money rather than belt

UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira isn’t mad at Dustin Porier for chasing a potential fight against Nate Diaz instead of opting out to fight for the golden belt.

“The Diamond” is fresh off two consecutive victories over Conor McGregor and now he’s going back and forth with Nate on social media for a potential fight between them in the near future.

A lot of people were wondering why’d Dustin not want to fight for the belt he has never owned and the simple answer for many folks and Oliveira is that there are more money in a Diaz fight.

“Today nobody wants to know about a belt,” Oliveira told Ag Fight.

“They want to know about ‘money’, about money in your pocket. The fight against Conor made a lot of money for Dustin Poirier, a fight against Nate will make a lot of money too. We are human beings. It depends a lot on each person. I would rather fight for the belt than for the money. I had a focus. I wanted to be UFC champion. Today I’m UFC champion, I want to make money, I want to have money in my pocket.”

“If Dustin agrees to fight Diaz, is he wrong? No, it’s not wrong. He is right,” Oliveira continued. “You have to see what’s good for him. Everyone has to choose what is right for them. They considered my fight against Diaz and I said that if it was for the belt, I would fight. Before I fight for the belt. I had a focus, which was to fight for the belt. A lot of people said to me: ‘This fight will make you a lot of money,’ and I said: ‘Okay, but money is not the focus now, I want to be UFC champion’. Today I’m UFC champion, now I want to make money. Everyone has a way to choose. Today I am the champion. I’m not worried about who will be or who will not be, who has to chase who will fight for the title, it’s them, it’s not me.”

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