Chris Eubank Jr credits Roy Jones Jr for his improved style

With Chris Eubank Jr set to make his boxing return on May 1st against Marcus Morrison, Eubank talks to Sky Sports about how he’s improved under the guidance of the legendary Roy Jones Jr, who he believes will help extend his professional fighting career due to better tactics and strategies. Eubank Jr specifically makes reference to mental approach to the game and says he had previously lost sight of some of boxing’s nuances as he was more focused on simply inflicting damage on his opponents.

“Some of those things I had lost focus on. I put that down to moving up to super-middleweight – knowing I was against guys who were naturally bigger, I got it into my head that I had to hurt them early so they didn’t bully me. I lost sight of the boxing. At middleweight nobody will bully me, nobody is bigger than me, so I can focus on the art and craft rather than the war aspect. I will still go to war – when there is an opportunity, these guys will get taken out! But there are new aspects to my game.”

Eubank estimates that he has at least four to five solid years left in boxing and says fans can expect to see his developments once the first bell ring.

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