Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Williams rescheduled for January 29

Good news for anyone disappointed by a Liam Williams injury scuttling the originally scheduled December 11th showdown between him and Chris Eubank Jr. Sky Sports announced today that the fight will be postponed, and the main event is still on for Cardiff, Wales on January 29th instead.

The rest of the event, including Claressa Shields’ UK debut against Ema Kozin, is moving with the Eubank-Williams fight.

Domestic fight promotions often lean heavily on BAD BLOOD, but there does seem to be some legitimate dislike between Williams and Eubank. Even without ill feelings, the winner stands to start 2022 on a very positive note and could set himself up nicely for a high profile or championship level fight.

Eubank churned through a series of replacement opponents for his most recent outing in October. Eubank was originally set to face Sven Elbir until Elbir tested positive for COVID, then lost replacement opponent Anatoli Muratov to a failed pre-fight medical exam. Option C wound up being Wanik Awdijan, who performed about as well as a third option late sub could be expected to do, falling to Eubank in five rounds.

Williams was last seen in April, taking Demetrius Andrade a full twelve rounds before losing unanimously on wide scores. Sky Sports reports that Williams suffered a shoulder injury in that fight, and a recurrence of the problem is what caused the Eubank match postponement.

Hopefully, six extra weeks of rest and recovery are enough to get Williams back in top form, and we’re all treated to a fun January fight.

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