Chris Eubank Sr. mugged outside of London bank

Troubling news out of London, where an apparent surge in property theft crimes against world champion boxers claimed a new victim: Chris Eubank Sr.

The Evening Standard reports that the 55 year old former WBO middleweight and super-middleweight champ was mugged yesterday outside of a London bank. The mugger grabbed a Louis Vuitton clutch that Eubank described as a “manbag” and sprinted away on foot.

As if the experience of getting his manbag yanked in broad daylight on a city street weren’t traumatic enough, Eubank Sr. also lost several treasured possessions in the robbery. Among them? A quarter of a chocolate and hazelnut candy bar he’d been saving.

“It’s been in there for six days just ready to eat. I like it at that temperature and they took it.” Eubank told The Evening Standard.

Police reported no injuries and no arrests, and have asked anyone with knowledge of the crime or thief to contact them with any information.

It’s not the first time Chris Eubank saw a purse snatched away by an opportunistic Englishman. Back in 2016, Eubank’s hardball negotiating tactics over a potential middleweight fight between his son and Gennadiy Golovkin resulted in Kell Brook shocking everyone by signing on for the GGG fight, and an estimated $3.5 Million payday, instead.

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