Claressa Shields: I’d embarrass Jake Paul with one hand

Boxer/mixed martial artist Claressa Shields seeks to double her win output in the MMA realm, when she faces off with Abigail Montes Wednesday night on a PFL card.

At a Monday presser, the two-time Olympic gold medalist who holds an 11-0 record in boxing, touched on many topics, with her traditional pull-no-punches style.

“Jake Paul? Please. Look, there are a lot of women in boxing that can beat up men, especially an average Joe like Jake Paul. If I was to spar Jake, which is all I would get because a real fight would be too embarrassing, right? But if we were to spar, I would use one hand — not even the banger, I’d use my jab and I could out-jab and hook and uppercut him and embarrass him. That’s how skilled I am. It’s not a shot at Jake, but he’s not as good a boxer as me.

“I’ve sparred against those guys too — Olympic gold medalists, silver medalists. I’ve sparred against all of them. Those guys would destroy Jake just like I would. I box for real, not play stuff. I box for real.”

And let me finish by putting this on the record, for real: I’d pay in Bitcoin to see Claressa Shields fight Jake Paul. Paul is a Showtime fighter now, Shields is kind of an anti-Showtime fighter, book it!

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