Coach confirms Darren Till entered UFC Vegas 36 with ‘completely torn ACL’

Darren Till fought Derek Brunson at UFC Vegas 36 with a ‘completely torn ACL’ in his right knee.

The injury was revealed by UFC color commentator Michael Bisping, who was told about it immediately after the fight. Colin Heron — the head coach of Till — has now confirmed the injury to Brett Okamoto of ESPN on Wednesday and explained how it happened as well as why the Team Kaobon product made the decision to fight on.

“It happened about nine weeks out, wrestling,” Heron told Okamoto. “We got it scanned, looked at properly. The results came back as a completely torn ACL. So, he’s out, isn’t he? That was the advice from me and the doctors. Rest. You can’t do nothing. Surgery is a must. No running, no fast movement, no impact.

“Darren being Darren, he said, ‘Can we give it two weeks and see if I can start running and hit pads?’ And I’m like, ‘No, not really. A torn ACL doesn’t get better by itself. You’re talking surgery and then six months of rehab alone.’ But before you know it he’s talked me into it, as he does. I’ve really only got one option then: support him, whatever his decision is. If he’s not going to take my advice, I’ve got to stick with him. I can’t disown him. We made the best of it that we could.”

Till was dominated on the ground by Brunson and submitted in the third round via rear-naked choke. The 28-year-old Liverpudlian has now lost two consecutive fights, with a unanimous decision loss to Robert Whittaker preceding the submission loss to Brunson. Till also suffered an injury to his right knee — a torn MCL — in his fight against Whittaker.

Heron also said that Till expects to undergo surgery, but does not have a date scheduled yet. Recovery from the injury and surgery could take several months, so it may be awhile before Till returns to the Octagon.

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