Colby Covington: Jorge Masvidal broke his ribs

Colby Covington may no longer be a part of American Top Team, but he still has inside information.

Though Jorge Masvidal wanted to keep his injury under wraps, Covington claims that fractured ribs are what caused “Gamebred” to withdraw from his upcoming fight against Leon Edwards at UFC 269.

“I’ll tell you the truth of what happened with Jorge Masvidal for real,” Covington told Submission Radio. “I still have people at his gym that still love me, and I’m the people’s champ for a reason. So, I get the insider scoop on everything. So, that fragile dude, Street Judas Jorge Masvidal, he broke his ribs. He fractured his ribs last Saturday in training, and yeah, he’s fragile and he had to pull out of the fight. It’s too bad that people still love me over at his gym more than they even love him.”

“That’s facts. I’m telling you guys the truth. He went to the gym to train last Saturday, doing some sparring – not last Saturday, but the Saturday before. Like, yeah, eight days ago. And, he went to sparring at the gym and gets his ribs fractured, leaves the gym crying and, you know, goes to the doctor and gets the X-ray, and they determine it’s fractured ribs.

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“He’s a fragile little bitch. He’s a brittle little bitch. He tried to talk about me being fragile. That’s the most fragilest (sic) guy on the fucking roster. That guy’s a complete little joke. And it’s pretty funny, I think he’s finding out that he’s a nobody, he’s a bum, and that’s the reason people are telling me what’s going on with him. He tried to keep it a secret, He didn’t want to tell the media, he didn’t want people to know, but now they know because of Colby Chaos Covington.”

Masvidal expressed interest in rebooking his fight with Edwards, but is also open to settling his grudge match with Covington.

“His ribs are hurting,” Covington said. “I know he’s got some fragile ribs. And I’m the king of ribs. Go ask his boy Tyrone. He’ll tell you how I am with ribs. So, that guy’s fragile. It doesn’t matter, man. If he goes on that show, if he tries to do anything, he’s just going to get dumped on his head and knocked the f*ck out unconscious.”

“Do The Ultimate Fighter and whatever, tape for four weeks, six weeks, eight weeks, and run this fight in Miami. It makes sense. Let’s go to American Airlines Arena. We can sell out that arena in seconds. And if we don’t go to American Airlines we can go right up to the street to BB&T center, which is 30 minutes up the street. I’ll beat his ass at both arenas.”

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