Conor McGregor presents a new Lamborghini yacht

Taking delivery of a rare yacht will surely help Conor McGregor forget about his nightmares from UFC 264.

The former UFC champ-champ shared an image on Instagram of his green and black Lamborghini 63 yacht by Tecnomar, a “superboat” that very closely resembles the land-based supercar.

The vessel is 63 feet long with two bedrooms that can reach a top speed of 69 miles per hour thanks to its 4,000 horsepower engine.

The cost? A cool $3.4 million.

Only 63 of the yachts were made in the world. McGregor received number 12 in homage to the Proper 12 whiskey he created.

McGregor met with Tecnomar in October of 2020 to customize his yacht, which has transformed from the tiny scale model he unveiled with his children present, to the full-sized boat he’ll be speeding across the seas.

The interior looks and feels like a Lamborghini car all around, even down to the steering wheel. Check out the video below that goes into great detail about what makes this water Lambo so special, besides the obvious James Bond looks.

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