COVID-19 crisis at the Grand Slam of Budapest

The French Judo Federation accounted to withdraw the women’s selection which was about to participate in the Budapest Grand Slam (July 8-10), due to COVID-19. Several athletes and staff members have been declared positive in recent days.

Meanwhile, one of the top favourites for the Hungarian home crowd Krisztian Toth is not able to compete at the Grand Slam of Budapest due to the coronavirus, too.

Toth: “I am very sorry that I cannot step on the tatami mat at the domestic competition, as I love competing at home. I get a lot of extras from you who support me year after year, thank you!”

“However, I am grateful to fate that it caught up with me now and not last year! Both I and my family are fine, but this year we can only support the other Hungarian competitors online”, said the jodoka.

Watch the teams for Budapest here.

Follow for more information about the COVID-19 crisis before the Budapest’s Grand Slam.

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