Craig Jones Set To Defend Middleweight Title At Polaris 17

Polaris’ middleweight champion Craig Jones will be defending his belt at the upcoming Polaris 17 event that is set to take place on October 9 in Southampton, England. His opponent is yet to be announced.

The show will mark the return of Polaris to the traditional superfight format, as the last three events that the UK promotion have put together have all followed their unique team grappling format, Polaris Squads. Now, fans of the traditional style will be overjoyed to see some kind of return to normality.

Jones won the middleweight title at Polaris 6 with a Heel Hook finish against Jake Shields; and has then successfully defended it against Matheus Lutes. However, he hasn’t been active in consistently defending his title up until now, mainly due to the fact that he went for the light heavyweight division title as well.

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