Cyril Gane TKO’s Derrick Lewis

Cyril Gane is the new UFC interim heavyweight champion following his impressive performance against Derrick Lewis. The main event of UFC 265 didn’t disappoint and Gane got the job done in the end of the third round when he TKO’d “The Black Beast”.

Even thoug Lewis got the crowd on his side, it was Gane who was doing the better and more effective things in the cage. The French fighter was keeping the distance at first. Lewis was also fighting on the inside and the first round was more of a tactical than actin packed round.

Round 2 was more of the same, as both fighters didn’t commit to fight on the inside, as they were probably too scared to exchange punches and kicks with each other.

The third round was all in favor of Gane who landed some significant leg kicks that took their toll on Lewis’s legs and mobility. Gane felt that Lewis is hurt and started pressing more. After a brief stoppage for referee Dan Miragliotta to reunite Lewis with his mouthpiece, Gane blitzed. Lewis turned his back and dropped to the canvas. Gane jumped on his back and landed hammerfists until the stoppage came.

Now Gane is the number one contender to UFC heavyweight regular champ Francis Ngannou, as there is no time limt on when the fight between those two will take palce.

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