Cyril Gane wants ‘revenge’ against Francis Ngannou, but is ‘OK’ if they never fight again

France’s Cyril Gane lost to UFC heavyweght champion Francis Ngannou in what was his first ever attempt at the undisputed gold.

Both Ngannou and Gane are dominating the divison in the last two years and many people believe they will fight again, but “Bon Gamin” isn’t so sure.

During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Gane said he learned about himself from the loss and explained what is most appealing about a potential second fight with Ngannou.

“I saw that I’m a competitor,” Gane said. “Before the defeat, was not sure, but now I’m sure I’m a competitor. So that’s why when the fight finished, I was a little bit sad for the result, because we were really close to the win, so that’s why I was a little bit sad, but after a few hours, after talking with my friends, with my family, it was good.

“You see, I never lost before,” he continued. “I never have this feeling, so that’s why every time in the media, I say, ‘Yes, I’m not afraid about the defeat, I was sure.’ And this is true, I’m not afraid about that, that’s true. But I didn’t know what is the feeling [of defeat] exactly, so now I know. Just that. You see, that’s why I have to have my revenge, because I’m a competitor. It’s not about the bonus of the belt or anything, it’s just because I’m a competitor and Francis is the first guy against whom I lose, so that’s why.”

“I’m OK already with the situation,” Gane said. “I’ve got this in my mind, maybe I never fight again against Francis anyway, because I did a really great fight and for me, I lost, but not too much. It was just a little mistake. For me, I was better in the striking, in the ground game, but for me, I was better. I know this is a little bit strange to say that, but I was better on my wrestling too if you compare the technique, if you compare something like that. The takedown he did and my takedown was a little bit different.

“So that’s why I’m OK if I never fight again with Francis. I’m OK. I know I can compare me with him and I know I’m OK, I’m a good fighter.”

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