Dagestani MMA fighter scores a five-second KO after opponent fakes glove touch (Video)

Dagestani MMA fighter Umakhan Ibragimov made quick work at the office over the weekend.

On the first-ever British Fighting Championship last Saturday in Middlesbrough, England, Ibragimov was set for his fifth professional fight as he fought Ben Doster, who was making his pro debut. The fight was serving as the co-main event of the event.

When the bell rang, both men had their gloves out like they were going to touch. However, at the last second, Doster pulled his back and kicked Ibragimov’s leg. Immediately after, the Dagestani fighter threw a head kick that KO’d Doster. The official time of the fight was five seconds.

However, you do have to praise Ibragimov for throwing the kick and landing it perfectly. He didn’t get mad by Doster faking the glove touch. Instead, he continued to fight his fight and now has a viral KO. After this, perhaps he gets a big opportunity next time out as promotions look to build off the hype of the KO artist from Dagestan.

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