Davis knocked out Garcia in the show of the year (VIDEO)

Image: BGNES

Gervonta Davis kept his super lightweight WBA world tittle with a knockout against Ryan Garcia in the show of the year for the boxing world.

A left jab in the ribs in the 7th round put an end to the bout leaving King Ry on one knee trying to take a breath but the hit was so powerful from the champ that 10 seconds wore not enough and the referee waved his hands for the KO.

In the mean time Garcia looked good in the ring. He landed more shots against the champion and even looked like he is ready to send him to the ground. Such a moment came in the 2nd round but out of the blue Tank landed a full powered left jab sending the challenger in his second career knockdown.

Gervonta Davis proved that he is better prepared for the fight because his tactics proved to be near perfect and Ryan Garcia seamed carried away with the slow start from his opponent and got surprised with the counter attacks.

Victory #29 came with knockout #27 but maybe this is the beginning of a long lasting revelry with allot to come from these two in the future.

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