Day 4 of KWU Summer Camp: New faces and new horizons

New faces and new perspectives, but the same work ethic and passion is what we saw in Day 4 of the 16-th International Summer Kyokushin Camp in Kamchiya which is organized by the Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation and The Kyokushin World Union.
In the morning session which started exactly at 7 Am the 3-x World Champion Artur Arushanyan made sure that the up-and-comers have a good conditioning session. He demonstrated some serious acrobatic moves and put them as a task for the practitioners, but they gave their all and did a very good job. The instructors groups were working on perfecting their technique and their reaching methods, so they can go back to their clubs and be better mentors for their students. The lucky ones who got to enjoy training on the beach were led by Sensei Zahari Damyanov. He made the participants work on their teamwork and team spirit with fun games, which however were physically taxing and required a lot of athleticism. Just like the days before the hard work and joy were friends in the sessions at the camp.
  In the afternoon session the most attention was on the the new instructors who took the initiative to lead the groups with young talents and competitors. The Japanese fighter Yusuke Fujii and the last student of Sosai Oyama and former K-1 fighter Nicholas Pettas took two groups in their hands and started passing on their knowledge.
  Pettas shares some of his experience and know-how from his years spent in Honbu Dojo during his 3-years long stay there. He emptied the gas tank of his fighters by making them do hundreds of repetitions of kicks. He not only looked on how they perform the techniques, but also if the lines and formation of the group stays in tact. After an exhausting hour of practicing techniques he explained how the sparrings usually took place in Honbu Dojo and he let the fighters do a few rounds. He faced the black belts against the lower ranked practitioners.
  The discipline in the gym was generally aproved by Petas during most of the time, however, the former K-1 Grand Prix Champion had to punish the martial artists in the very end of the session with a hundred push ups on their fists, due to the fact that they couldn’t do their formation in time. “I`m not joking! Believe me! If you get punished for this, it`s on you, not on me! After these push ups we just forget about it and never talk about it.”, said Pettas. The fifth day of the camp starts tomorrow at exactly 7AM local time. The karatekas from 39 countries will once again be part of two grueling training sessions. Boec.COM will share with you the most important details from the camp.

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