Deaf sambo champion Maxim Chernyshev tells his story

Maxim Chernyshev is medalist of the Russian SAMBO Championships among the deaf, winner and medalist of the Moscow SAMBO Championships among the deaf.

Foe FIAS official website “” he tells his story – about sports, age and motivation:

I was born in 1962, on September 25, which means that today I am 58 years old.

I’m not really into big sports. I just do it as much as possible. Although, of course, I am no longer as strong and hardy as I was at the age of 20-25. But since sport has long been a part of my life, I am not going to leave it.

With age, I began to lose my hearing. This is most likely due to increased intracranial pressure. Sport helped me fight this ailment: during training, the body warmed up, the vessels dilated, and for some time the pressure even dropped without any medication. So sport is my life in the literal sense.

Closer to the age of forty, I had a hypertensive crisis. I almost completely lost my hearing for a while. Then the hearing was restored, but not completely.

I went to the doctors, looking for an opportunity to get my hearing back. And in this situation, sport helped me a lot. I got into SAMBO for the deaf and saw people who live calmly and realize themselves even with hearing loss. It helped a lot in terms of life motivation. People from childhood do not hear, but they do not despair, and lead a fairly active lifestyle.

I use a hearing aid in communication. I don’t specifically learn sign language, but I communicate with deaf colleagues in sports in sign language.


I came to the sport of the deaf after 40 years thanks to the work of Vasily Emelyanov, who is responsible for the development of SAMBO among the deaf in Russia and the world. Now I am training under his guidance.

The level of deaf sambists has grown significantly over the ten years that I have been in the sport of the deaf. So they are already fighting on equal terms with normal hearing athletes. Although in the past, some outstanding wrestlers have had hearing problems. Everyone knows about Valery Rukhledev. So deaf wrestlers can show themselves among those who hear.

I will not compete at the next Championship of Russia. Now the competition in the sport of the deaf in SAMBO is quite strong, the level of competition has become much higher. In the regions, more attention is paid to the development of SAMBO among deaf athletes. Many strong young sambists have appeared. Here, as they say, the road is for young!

At the level of Moscow or the Moscow region, I am still competitive. If my health allows, then I can fight for a long time. SAMBO supports me very much in my life.

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