Deiveson Figueiredo guts out unanimous decision win over Brandon Moreno to reclaim flyweight title

A new strategy and a new team helped lead Deiveson Figueiredo back to the flyweight title after winning a unanimous decision over Brandon Moreno in the UFC 270 co-main event.

It was a stellar performance from both combatants but it was Figueiredo’s power punches that dropped Moreno to the canvas multiple times over five rounds that likely helped the Brazilian secure the victory. When the scores were tallied, all three judges gave the fight 48-47 to Figueiredo as he reclaims the 125-pound title in his third battle against Moreno.

“Today is my day,” Figueiredo said with the title on his shoulder. “It’s my day. Thank you so much Brandon Moreno. I’m ready for a fourth fight against Brandon in Mexico.”

Looking for a better start than the rematch, Figueiredo looked to establish some early leg kicks but Moreno showed great patience while firing back with some quick counters that backed off the Brazilian. Figueiredo was dedicated to those calf kicks, which continued to tag Moreno as the first round came to a close.

Figueiredo continued to dig to that lead leg while Moreno targeted the head with some fast and explosive punches that came from different angles. As Moreno started to increase his output, Figueiredo was putting a little bit more pop behind his punches, which led to a solid left hand landing flush.

In return, Moreno unleashed a multi-strike combination with a jab and a left hand over the top that slipped through Figueiredo’s defense and appeared to wobble him at least momentarily.

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