Deontay Wilder unsure about his future in boxing

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is still not sure about the future of his boxing career.

“The Bronze Bomber” was last seen in action in October 2021 when he lost the trilogy fight with Tyson Fury via KO in the 11th round.

That was his second defeat in a row, since he also lost the second fight with “The Gypsy King” in February 2020.

During a recent interview, Wilder revealed that he was going to use psychedelics in deciding whether or not to move forward with his in-ring career.

Now the fighter, 36, has revealed he is set to turn to Ayahuasca – a South American psychedelic brew – to help him decide his next steps.

“I’m thinking about doing Ayahuasca. That’s gonna be my decision making process… Boxing’s put a bad taste because of what it’s done to me. It’s dangerous, politics, cheating… I still have love for the sport though,” Wilder said.

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