Devin Haney talks win over Jorge Linares, says he’s ready for the biggest fights

During the immediate aftermath of Devin Haney’s win over Jorge Linares to retain his WBC title, Haney talks a bit about the fight and how he’s now ready to move on to the bigger and better opponents. Check out some excerpts below.

On how he feels about the win

“I feel great, I’m happy with the win. Thank you God, Allah. I feel great. The game plan was to go in there and show a little bit of everything, show I can box, show I can bang at the top level — not against a guy like Gamboa who is past his prime, somebody like Linares who’s still strong and who’s still dangerous.

“I came out fast, I started early. I wanted to steal those early rounds. I thought he would come out faster than what he did but he paced himself for the last rounds. I wanted to steal a lot of shots that was open so I kept jabbing to the body trying to set up shots. He kept giving me the jab to the body so…”

On how hurt he was at the end of the 10th

“I wouldn’t say I was that bad. I feel like it was a good shot but you never know, if you get hit with a good shot you gotta still be smart in there because you may not think that you’re hurt but you’ll still be hurt.”

On what statement he made to face Teofimo Lopez

“I showed that it’s gonna take more than one shot to get me outta there, you better be ready for a fight because I can do it all.”

On if a Lopez fight could happen next

“I don’t know, we’ll see. I been begging for the biggest fights…I know all these fights are gonna come and I’m ready.”

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