Devin Haney: There’s something wrong with Kambosos

We’re just days away form the lightweight unified championship battle between George Kambosos and Devin Hanye. The pair will square off this Saturday, June 4, at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.

The trash talk has been back and fort for the last couple of weeks with both fighters claiming their adversary will get dropped at some point.

Haney, who won’t be able to rely on his coach and dad Bill Haney, believes he has seen enough holes in Kambosos style to capitalize on them.

“There’s something wrong with him,” said Devin Haney to Top Rank Boxing about George Kambosos. “I don’t know what it is; I can’t put my finger on it, but he doesn’t have to bring the belts on fight night, but he’s going to know I’m victorious and undisputed. He can keep the belts; it’s cool.

“I don’t take him too seriously,” Haney continued. “He wants to get into a tough man contest and do all this macho man. We’ll see in the ring all that tough s***. By the end of the fight, all these fans will be mine,” said Haney.

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