Dillian Whyte not a fan of the Andy Ruiz – Chris Arreola fight

Britain’s Dillian Whyte has made it clear that he’s not a fan at all of the upcoming heavyweight clash between former unified world champion Andy Ruiz and former title challenger Chris Arreola.

The two American-Mexican fighters are set to collide on May 1 in the US, but according to Whyte, that’s not a fight people should be excited about. At all.

Image: БТА

“The Body Snatcher” believes Ruiz has chosen Arreola to be his adversary in his comeback fight just so he’d look good.

This will be Ruiz’s first fight since he got schooled by Anthony Joshua back in December 2019 when “AJ” claimed his three world titles back.

Arreola is 40-year-old now and he hasn’t fought since August 2019 when he got beat by Poland’s Adam Kownacki.

“It’s a fight that’s going to make him look good,” said Dillian Whyte to Sky Sports about Andy’s May 1st fight against Arreola.

“Make him look like, ‘Oh yeah, he’s this, and he’s that,’ but on paper, it’s not,” said Whyte about the purpose behind Ruiz fighting Arreola. “Chris Arreola has been shot for a few years. If he were fighting Chris Arreola a few years ago, people would be like, ‘No, that’s a garbage fight.’ Now it’s the same, if not worse.”

“It’s a good strategic move from his team, him coming back, and he’ll bash Arreola. ‘Andy Ruiz, yeah he’s back, and he’s motivated, and he looked so good,’” said Whyte.

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