Dillon Danis confident he could beat Francis Ngannou in street fight

Dillon Danis thinks he could beat Francis Ngannou in a street fight.

No, really.

Despite competing as a welterweight and having fought just twice under the Bellator banner, Danis — a multiple-time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champion — believes he would have the advantage over Ngannou on the street.

“I can survive his punch, because I’m very good at weathering the storm,” Danis of Ngannou, the UFC heavyweight champion (h/t Curtis Calhoun of Low Kick MMA). “He’s the kind of guy, he’s like a one-pump chump. In a street fight to the death, where someone’s gonna die, I’ll beat him.

As far as jiu jitsu is concerned, Danis is confident he could submit Ngannou drunk.

“Jiu-jitsu? Come on, that’s like a joke,” he said. “In a Jiu-jitsu matchup right now, even drunk I’ll fuck him up. Come on, he’s terrible on the ground.”

Danis is currently nursing a knee injury and hasn’t fought since his 2019 submission win over Max Humphrey at Bellator 222.

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