Dragomir Petrov: It is true that you can learn allot from a defeat


Dragomir Petrov is coming back in a few weeks to the kickboxing stage to face Bartosz Botwina. This is going to be his first fight since that crushing defeat back in February from Marian Lapusneanu. That was the fight that gave the Bulgarian the much needed motivation to upper his game and come back stronger on July 6th in Saints Konstantin and Helena resort near Varna, Bulgaria.

I have stacked allot of victories by that time and the defeat then came so that I can understand that same changes must be made. This became a huge spark for me and I started changing things around. It is true that you can learn allot from your defeats. You start to acknowledge who are the people at your back and what are the things that need changing“, Petrov said for the Bulgaria sutrin morning show on Bulgaria ON AIR.

Drago proved himself as one of the best Bulgarian kickboxers in the past couple of year but it seemed like the flawless winning streak back in 2023 blocked his senses as we got to the SENSHI 20 gala. He admits that afterwards he gave himself a few weeks rest and then got back to work in the gym so that he can fix his flaws.

I haven’t stopped after my last fight back in February. I gave myself just one or two weeks of rest and go right back to work with my team. I’ve changed allot since then. We worked on my condition, on my techniques and I intend to give my best now“, added Dragomir.

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