Driton Kuka: It was the most successful year for Kosovo

The coach of three famous Olympic Champion Driton Kuka reviews on regular basis. On the occasion of the celebration of the retirement of Majlinda Kelmendi’s Kuka looks back and shows his gratitude to the 2016 Olympic Champion.

Now he will work with her as a coach.

“Majlinda you made me proud, you made my family proud, you made our nation proud. I am grateful to you until the last breath”, started Kuka.

“The year 2021 is coming to an end.  It was the most successful year for Kosovo since the sport exists in this country. We had the pleasure to win two Olympic gold medals captured by Nora and Disi.”

“The end of the year is the time of analysis for each federation, the Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports. Each one separately to evaluate the work and achievements but also to talk about the problems and not only the judo medals from the Olympic Games.”

“Time to move forward with the introduction of judo in the educational system, so to start with our Olympic medal sport because the school year has started and time is moving on and then other potential sports for results. The end of the year is also the time of Categorization of Sports, athletes and coaches which for me is the greatest value of sports legislation. And this should be the case now and in the future, it has been worked on for decades in that direction.”

“As well as the Winter Olympics are approaching with the hope of a medal for Kosovo there or at least some position in the Top 10.”

“We will all now look at the other side of the tatami and watch coach Kelmendi. It’s going to be different, of course, but there is no doubt that she will be as successful their as she was on the mat”, says Kuka.

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