Dustin Poirier believes Daniel Cormier could replace Dana White as UFC President

You can’t have an MMA conversation and not bring Dana White’s name in it. The man who practically build UFC in one of the biggest fighting organizations ever has been running the show for the past 28 years and the results speaks for itself.

Hate him or love him, White is the don in mixed martial arts and it will be very hard for anybody to imagine UFC without Dana White.

But as everything else, someday there won’t be Dana White. And that’s life, nothing else. But until then, there’s a lot more time to pass.

According to UFC lightweight contender Dustin Poirier, when the time comes for Dana White to step down as UFC President, there’s one man who’ll fill his shoes and that is Daniel Cormier.

Image: БТА

The former UFC two-weight champion works as a commentator and pundit for UFC since his retirement in 2020 and he’s doing a great job.

“That’s a tough spot to fill,” said Poirier. “I’m not sure. I think Daniel Cormier maybe? Maybe somebody who’s been in combat sports. I don’t know if he knows a whole lot about the business side, but I think he would be a great face of a company.”

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